Our Clients

Organizations With Whom We’ve Worked

  • Africentric Personal Development Shop Inc, Columbus, OH
  • Agnes Scott College, Atlanta, GA
  • Alexander Technique Int’l, Cape Cod, MA
  • Compassionate Communication-Central Ohio,Columbus, OH
  • DeKalb County Juvenile Court, Decatur, GA
  • Emory University, Atlanta, GA
  • Ft. Gordon Chaplaincy Training Program,Augusta, GA
  • Georgia Advocacy, Decatur, GA
  • Georgia Dept of Juvenile Justice, Decatur, GA
  • Int’l Alliance for Learning, Atlanta, GA
  • MARTA, Atlanta, GA
  • Metropolitan Atlanta Violence Prevention Partnership, Atlanta, GA
  • Mountain Learning Center, Highlands, NC
  • Temple Beth Shalom, Columbus, OH
  • The Carter Center, Atlanta, GA
  • The Columbus Zoo, Columbus, OH
  • The Wilds, Cumberland, OH
  • University & College Ombuds, Atlanta, GA
  • Urban Land Institute
    • Hollywood Boulevard Study, CA
    • North Hollywood Study, CA
  • Walkable Atlanta Task Force, Atlanta, GA
  • Worthington Industries, Columbus, OH

What our organizational clients are saying:

“I have been amazed at how they get to the core of complex issues by careful and thoughtful listening. Their knack for gentle and insightful prompting facilitates organization and focus of information so that large groups of people can make informed and responsive decisions”

—Tracy Wimberly, Former Sr. Vice President, Ohio Health System, Columbus, OH; Former Sr. Vice President, Baptist Hospital, Nashville, TN

“After years of struggling to capture the potential The Wilds has for contributing to wildlife conservation worldwide, Mark and Cynthia were able author a magnificent “picture” / plan. Working together, their ability to capture the thoughts and dreams of a diverse, passionate group of experts and then to create a simple, yet compelling, strategic plan, was magical.”

—Nick Baird, Chairman of the Board, The Wilds, Cumberland, OH

“As a supervisor and trainer of army chaplains, I appreciate the effectiveness of Nonviolent Communication training facilitated by Mark and Cynthia. My student group meetings have been more productive. One student exclaimed, “Where has this been all my life!”

—Chaplain (LTC) Ivery L. De La Cruz, Director, Clinical Pastoral Education, Fort Gordon, GA

“Cynthia and Mark's actions and words clearly embody the spirit of genuine communication. This openness seems paramount to their working process. Because it is so obviously sincere, it sets the stage for honest, intelligent and ego-free dialogue. What could be more important to building the community which has lead to a doable long-term plan than that?”

—Terri Kepes, Director of Planning, Columbus Zoo, Columbus, OH

“Mark and Cynthia have helped me and our staff build the verbal and conscious capacity to work more effectively with the large variety of folks who we at APDS serve. They have also helped us grow the specific ability to hear the deep unmet needs of young people who find themselves in trouble and refocus their lives in a positive direction.”

—Jerry Saunders, CEO, Africentric Personal Development Shop, Columbus, OH

Sacred Space worked with surrounding neighborhoods, coordinated among developers, architects, contractors, owners and MARTA to assure that the fiscal and physical integrity of the TOD plan for the Lindbergh City Center was maintained.

Mark became the ombudsman for the TOD project by listening carefully and working openly with all of the affected parties. Mark had direct access to me in my capacity as General Manager/CEO of MARTA. Sacred Space's role was key to making the Lindbergh City Center a reality.”

—Richard J. Simonetta, General Manager/CEO, Valley Metro Rail, Phoenix, AZ

“Cynthia and Mark’s work with our staff has helped to enhance the core values of our Faith in American Politics program which we have been developing over the past three years. Their emphasis on hearing empathically and being heard with understanding, respect and without judgment is integral to our curriculum now being made available to churches around the country.”

—Dick Wood, Co-Creator, Faith in American Politics, Columbus, OH

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What our individual clients are saying:

“Mark and Cynthia’s loving, caring facilitation of the retreat was a blessing. Their input and example made a safe environment for those who were somewhat tense regarding the process. I am encouraged to delve further into a “new way” of building peace through NVC.”

—Alabama participant

“For me, this was a new learning – closely connected with interior peace and prayer – seeing how my often passive ignoring of my personal “reaction” was insulting to the other – something to work on.”

—Alabama participant

“I so appreciate the practical practice, feedback and specific mentoring from the two of you throughout the retreat. I loved the reflective mood and sharing from the heart.”

—Atlanta participant

“Life has been a little crazy moving to USA and doing baby + college stuff, but (my wife) and I are having a great time. Because of her pregnancy she is going through some adjustments which create stress; thanks for NVC in those times. Thanks for NVC skills you provided for such times… and always.”

—Costa Rican participant

“Throughout the retreat Mark and Cynthia were teaching and modeling NVC as they operated as partner co-leaders. Cynthia extends consistent warmth and acceptance toward others and empowers others with her clarity and competence. One of Mark’s fortes is the ability to reveal his feelings and openly correct himself. They come prepared and adapt to the group’s needs.”

—North Carolina participant

“The skill set that we learned in our weekend working with you has changed my life. It has changed the way I relate to myself, an area that I was not aware was an issue for me. It has changed my marriage ... at a time when (my husband) and I were going through extreme changes in our lives (moving, baby on the way, his starting university in his second language). Typically we would have tended to withdraw, argue, and endure the process; now we were able to use our new communication skills to remain connected both with ourselves and each other during the process. It has made the transition much easier and more enjoyable, filled with love and compassion as opposed to anger and frustration.”

—New Jersey participant

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