Community Circle Facilitation and Training

A Circle is requested when someone experiences what they call harm (an Act) because of something said or done by another. Each person involved then invites the community members whom they believe need to be present. When all come together in the Circle, the facilitator guides all present in the sharing of their own experience of the Act and its consequences for them. The group then collaborates to create an agreed-to, time-sensitive action plan that will address the harm and restore relationships and well-being. The facilitator hosts periodic Post-Circle meetings until all agreements have been met to the satisfaction of all involved.

Circles can function effectively via internet and phone technology when in-person gatherings are not feasible. The time required for restoration to occur in a Community Circle varies with the number of people involved and the intensity of the situation for those gathered. Few moments are more precious for Sacred Space Partners than that sweet moment when a shift occurs because all members of the Circle have been heard in the way they want to be heard. The possibility for on-going organizational health provided by a Community Circle Program fuels our hope of living in a world that’s in harmony with our values.

As practitioners and facilitators of Community Circle and Nonviolent Communication–based Mediation, Sacred Space Partners can offer your personal or professional group support in creating a safe restorative program that will assist your community in navigating more gracefully through differences and repairing the harm when breaks in relationship occur. We can also offer the necessary Facilitator training involved in sustaining this restorative practice within your community.

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