Consent Circles (CC)

Consent Circles as facilitated and practiced by Sacred Space Partners can facilitate ease of decision making and efficient and effective use of meeting time for groups and organizations. In its fullest application, Consent Circle principles can implement and assure egalitarian leadership and inclusive operation for a company.

If you’re weary of lengthy, non-productive meetings or testy relationships within your organization, incorporation of Consent Circles into your usual operations could ease the way for you. Users relax because they’re assured all voices will be heard and valued before decisions are made. Productivity and job enjoyment increase as all participants experience the relief of their input being both valued and considered. Decisions are made more quickly and agendas accomplished more quickly once a group understands the benefit of consent-based (rather than consensus-based) decision making.

Sacred Space Partners can offer your group sample Circle experience and then training should your group decide to incorporate Consent Circle into your usual operation.

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