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DreamWork involves learning (bringing into conscious awareness) what the symbols in our dreams are showing us about our lives. Dreams are always gifts which provide timely information about how our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors are affecting our physical, emotional, and/or spiritual health. Access to this inner guidance is provided by one's own associations to the dream characters, setting, and plot which the dreamer is led to by a facilitator and/or dream group.

Personal Study

I have been using DreamWork to understand and guide my own life and growth for 25 years. Working originally with mentor Betty Sheerer of Winterville, Georgia, former head of the Department of Child & Family Development at UGA, I experienced and observed many hundreds of hours of individual and group DreamWork. My continuing passion for learning about dreams led me to three years of study with Stephen Aizenstat, PhD at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the 90's. Since Spring of 1995 I've facilitated many hours of individual and group DreamWork around the country and via teleconference.


My facilitation and understanding of DreamWork is reinforced by my training as a:

I love providing people access to their own inner guidance and growth through the wisdom of their dreams.

DreamWork, as facilitated by me, helps dreamers identify the message their dreams are providing. I like to listen to an entire dream, then seek the dreamer's association to each symbol/image and, finally, repeat the translated story the dream is telling back to the dreamer.

I base my work on the following beliefs:

It's your dream...

Dreamers report experiencing ease and comfort in exploring their dreams with me. Their reported outcomes range from “very helpful” to “transformative.”

I invite you to schedule a time with me to give yourself the gifts of self-understanding and insight that are available through your dreams.

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