Why We Practice NVC and Facilitate Learning & Practice

What is unique about Nonviolent Communication (NVC), beyond other restorative and life-enriching tools, is that it gets us out of our stories — the stories that we’ve already told over and over to no avail to deaf or disinterested ears, without relief. NVC moves us beyond relating what’s happening to us via analysis, blame, criticism, evaluation, or judgment — beyond stories based on verbal violence. NVC helps us address what’s alive in us today … this moment … so that our histories don’t continue to overshadow and dictate our present.

The tools of Nonviolent Communication help us reach the frustrated needs behind strong feelings and the stories. NVC connects us with others thru attention to the universal needs that we all share, thereby fostering empathy. NVC fosters understanding, genuine connection and the resulting opportunity to jointly co-create strategies for resolution that can address the needs of all concerned. This practice can help assure that all voices are valued and heard before strategies are formed.

Cultivating a practice of applying Nonviolent Communication language to everyday situations of stress and discord can transform pain into life-affirming connection. Applicable to both personal and global disputes and differences, NVC skills can enrich and improve all our relationships and exchanges. Applying NVC can enhance ability to stay consciously and compassionately connected in any situation. Nonviolent Communication provides tools with which to restore harmony and balance. Learning and practicing NVC contributes to more collaborative and conscious relationships and communities. It supports the growth of a culture of compassion, connection and caring.

We love facilitating learning of what has been a transformative and life-saving tool for us.

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